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7 In 1 Foldable, Portable and Multipurpose Device...

Pankit Gami & Ekta Patel, a young Indian Inventor whose invention has recognized at national and international level.He with her classmate Ekta Patel,  innovate 7 in 1 Foldable, Portable and multipurpose device, which can be convert into Trolley, Chair, Bed, Ladder, Hammock, Table and Stool , got many national and international recognitions. He has been appreciated by former President of India H.E.  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam via NIF at IIM Ahmadabad in 2011 for the best innovation among 5000 ...

(Saturday, 29 June 2013 18:21)
Solar powered i-slate for Indian students...

An iPad might be a fashion statement for some while a necessity for others. But unlike the i-slate, it is definitely not a life changing possession for anyone. I-Slate is a cheap, solar-powered computer tablet that has transformed the lives of the children of Mohamed Hussainpally Village School in Andhra Pradesh. Developed through a partnership of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Houston’s Rice University  these tablets are designed to help children in developing countries ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:24)
India’s representatives for the Henkel Innovation Challenge 2013...




Aditya Yadav and Harshvardhan Pande are winners of the National Henkel Innovation Challenge 6...


They will represent India in the global finals, which will be held in Shanghai and will see participation of students from 27 countries.


The competition, themed ‘Triple the value you create. Create a sustainable world’ saw 800 registrations which were narrowed down to 10 for the finals. College students were asked to develop a concept for a product or technology for the year 2050.


(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:23)
Classical Indian dancer wins $30K Walter Carsen Prize...

Classical Indian dancer and choreographer Menaka Thakkar has won the 2012 Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts...


Menaka was born in 1942 in Bombay. She is a master of three classical Indian dance styles: bharatanatyam, odissi and kuchipudi. She began studying bharatanatyam at the age of four and, by her mid-twenties, she was also proficient in odissi and kuchipudi.


Audiences received Thakkar’s 1972 Canadian tour with great enthusiasm, which encouraged Thakkar to ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:22)
Coimbatore team wins ‘Freescale Cup 2013′ intelligent car race...

Electronic Systems Engineering (DESE) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and is part of Freescale’s initiative to promote innovation and creative thinking in engineering students across the world.


The 3rd edition of the Freescale Cup drew 225 teams from 70 colleges, of which 50 teams faced off in the grand finale. Freescale provided model car kits, development tools based on Freescale microcontroller technology, and technical support for the students, who had to develop a prototype ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:21)
Upliftment of Burmese Refugees by students from IIT Delhi...




While few Indians are busy ingraining feelings of regionalism,  a larger number are devoting themselves towards fostering a harmonious world. These students of SIFE-IIT Delhi give us a glimpse of the power of  brotherhood that is keeping humanity alive.


SIFE (Student In Free Enterprise) - is an international non-profit organization that aims to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities and become socially responsible business leaders.


SIFE IIT Delhi ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:19)
Vellore Institute of Technology University breaks Guinness world record with its giant hand...




India’s premier engineering college, Vellore Institute of Technology has set a new world record.


In a first of its kind record in India, 3,005 people formed a giant human hand in the open ground near the silver jubilee tower at Vellore Institute of Technology University campus in Vellore, Chennai, India,setting the new world record for the Largest human hand, according to the World Record Academy.


The world record attempt was done under the banner Pragathi to beat the previous ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:08)
Indian teenager invents self defence device for women...

Delhi teenager, Manu Chopra,  has designed a device which can be worn like a wrist watch that delivers an electric shock once it touches the attacker’s skin...


The average speed of nerve impulses transmitted from the brain to other parts of the body is 60 metre per second. In case of any attempt of molestation, the speed of the nerve impulses increase to 119 metre per second. It is then that this device detects the increased nerve impulse and stings the attacker with a small electric shock ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:02)
India committed Rs 10,000 crore (2.5 B$) to indigenously develop the world’s fastest supercomputer by 2017...

India committed Rs 10,000 crore ( 2.5 Billion$ ) to indigenously develop the world’s fastest supercomputer by 2017. The Planning Commission agreed in principle to provide the funds to the Indian Space Research Organsiation (ISRO) and Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore to develop a supercomputer with a performance of 132.8 exaflops (132 quintillion floating operations per second). A quintillion has 18 zeros (a million has six)...


The world’s fastest supercomputer right now is a ...

(Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:47)

A Purposeful Orientation to Life, Active Spirituality Shapes...

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“Spirituality to me is finding meaning in life or finding beauty in the everyday.” (Male, 17, U.S.A.)

“I think spirituality is the way you look at something: the way you look at pictures, the way you look at nature, the way you read books, what kind of movies you like to look at.” (Muslim male, Israel)


“Spiritual people tend to see everything in everything – they will wonder about the smallest of things.” (Male, 18, South Africa)

“I feel spiritual when I’m attuned to what matters … noticing little things… like, a sense of perspective.”

(Female, 17, U.S.A.)


“Spirituality can encourage you to progress.”

(Female, 16, China)


“Spirituality is dynamic. It will greatly inspire people.”

(Male, 13, China)


“Spirituality is a force that helps you find yourself and accomplish your goals.”

(Female, 18, Peru)


“For me, as an athlete, spirituality is motivation.”

(Male, 17, Israel)


“I don’t think you would find your way through this world without being spiritual. I don’t think you would succeed.”

(Male, Israel)


“Spirituality is the kind of belief that can guide peoples’ behavior.” (Male, 15, China)

“Spirituality, all those principles I’ve created for myself, my efforts, whatever I do – are all means to reach a stage where I can tell good from bad.”

(Pune, India)


“My spirituality deepens when I do something that I like very much.”

(Male, 18, South Africa)


“To be spiritual means to be an example.” (Male, South Africa)

“Being spiritual is when you’re thinking of what’s good in life and when you’re doing what’s important, what’s really important, and not what’s going to satisfy you momentarily, but what will satisfy you eternally.”

(Male, 17, Israel)


“To be spiritual you always have to follow the good path, with Christ … “

(Female, 12, Peru)


“Anybody that gives to his community before he gives to himself. He has spirit in his body. Most of the time he is self-less and has positive ideas.”

(Male, 15, Israel)


“A person who vibrates positive energy, who teaches you how to stay calm and happy throughout all phases of life. That person is spiritual.” (Male, NW India)

“This person [spiritual] would have a pure soul. He should have great self-confidence and be very close to Allah.”

(Male, Syria)


“Okay, my father doesn’t believe in God at all. But he does his work with full dedication, with full determination, and doesn’t rely on anyone or any external power. He does it with a lot of confidence. I think this is spirituality for me – because he is good at what he does.” (Pune, India)


“I would describe a spiritual person as a person with a purpose in life.”

(Female, 16, Israel)


“I think I am pretty spiritual. But when I see my mom I don’t think that I’m that spiritual because I would like to have those kind of qualities she has – to be peaceful always, to be calm. I would love to develop that.”

(Female, NW India)


“Being spiritual has helped me to live with others and interact with them well.”



“Spiritual people give good guidance. They help improve the soul.”


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